Friday, January 7, 2011

Where is Prismatoria?

Legend is told of how Prismatoria was created by the God/dess force at the same time as the Earth. Prismatoria was created to be the God/dess Forces’ artistic expression and the colours are bright vivid and much more vibrant than the Earth.

Prismatoria exists in a Parallel dimension to the Earth. It is housed with vegetarian animals only and the only ‘violence’ in this realm is the passion of love/sex. All such ‘violence’ is consensual and Non harmful .

As one of the God/dess forces’ creations, Angels can consciously change their molecular structure so as to come to Earth and to Prismatoria. In fact the Angels, Fairies and other beautiful happy Fae folk reside in Prismatoria most of the time, only crossing over to mix with their Earth born Brothers and Sisters such as the Divas, Sprites and our own Earth Fairies.

Way back in the beginning as humans began to populate the Earth, a young overtly sensitive Angel noticed that she didn’t like being in the Earthly realm. The dull colours made her unhappy, the carnivores, while natural and a part of the cycle of Earthly life, upset and scared her. And the humans scared her most of all. Their tendency towards violence, dominance, their propensity to subjugate any species they deemed ‘less’ than themselves such as the animals of the land, and all the lower energy emotions like anger, sadness, frustration, etc dragged her down to their level and frightened her. She preferred to remain high, happy, peaceful, content and at one with the peaceful rythym of the universe and with all creatures physical and spiritual.

Arch Angel Michael noticed her distress and said to her “Alida go take yourself to Prismatoria. There is no balance there and the realm is swayed towards the positive. Humans for the most part need the Earthly balance of light and dark as they are made of both. But we Angels are made of light and must learn the dark in order to visit Earth. Go dwell in Prismatoria where there is only a little dark. Only return if you seek the human Yin/Yang balance.

Still crying at the things she could not cope with (but mostly with relief at leaving), Alida focused her will and changed her molecular structure to step from Earth to Prismatoria. As she crossed the threshold a single large tear fell off the end of her nose. As it hit Prismatoria’s atmosphere it instantly hardened into a facetted clear crystal. This crystal, catching the light of Earth’s sun, refracted this light and cast a large rainbow across the sky of both realms.

Seeing the Rainbow, the God/dess force looked closer to find the Rainbow is actually a bridge between the Earth and Prismatoria. S/He did not see this as a large problem and since it appeared to be a natural occurrence when the rain in both realms fell on a certain angle, S/He left the rainbow to stand.

Alida however saw an opportunity. Returning to Earth she gathered together the humans  and Earth Fae she had found who also felt overwhelmed by the darker side of Earth life.  Staying with these ones, she taught them how to change their molecular structure so as to remain predominantly in ‘the light, or in a positive frame of mind’ in a similar way to Angels -  using meditation and other methods (after all we are all made in the image of this God/dess Force, and thus have some of the same abilities as angels when we choose to access them). Once these humans could accomplish this feat (All Fae are born knowning), she again passed through to Prismatoria and allowed herself to cry, causing a Rainbow bridge to build. She then excitedly showed her human friends how to cross the bridge with her. 

As the rainbow began to fade and the rift began to close, she noticed that the Prismatoria side closed faster than the Earth side. So she propped the Prismatoria side open with a Gold Rock that she found close by. This large Rock of Gold can still be sometimes seen when the Earth side of the rainbow opens and often beckons humans towards it. Only those leaning heavily towards the lighter/positive things in life will ever reach this Rock of Gold. For the rest of us it remains elusive and part of Legend.

Every now and then humans who are born too cheerful, too happy, too full of life, too optimistic, too sensitive to violence and darkness, they will stumble across a rainbow and find they can cross over this multicoloured bridge to Prismatoria. Here the gentle life will soothe them. In some cases they find they prefer to stay in Prismatoria and join the community there. 

Others find their souls reaching for Yin/Yang balance again and they return to the Earthly Realm. When they return, their natural balance will normally wipe their memory of Prismatoria or make it seem like a really pleasant dream. However their visit will often show through in other ways. 

For example an artists, a breed well known for their overt sensitivity, will return feeling like they have been unconscious or on ‘a trip’. They will then paint/draw/create using bright jewel colours. Sometimes if their crossing has unbalanced them into a dark spin, they will remove ALL colour from their creations.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Prismatoria - A land of Dreams and Rainbows

Welcome to the online portal to the stories and legends of Prismatoria. Prismatoria is a land on the other side of the rainbow - a land of colour, sunshine, happiness, positivity and fun. Everyone in Prismatoria lives peacefully and joyfully, at one with their surroundings and with each other.  Every now and then, someone from our earthly dimension will find a way through to Prismatoria, and they will relate for us stories of this land and their customs.

Prismatorians love to write letters and  postcards and stories and other little bits and pieces of their land keep appearing in our earthly postal service.

Join me here as I collect these things, and the stories of the Prismatorians.